Akwa Ibom 2023: Why Udom Inoyo should be the next governor — by Efremfon Usenideh

Akwa Ibom in perspective

As we consider electing the next governor, it is better to have a clearer perspective of Akwa Ibom as a State.

  1. The revenue of the state is majorly from the federal government derived from Oil/Gas
  2. Agriculture has grown from subsistence to commercial and impact not only on food production but revenues and GDP of the state.
  3. ICT and Entertainment are evolving into big sectors of the economy.
  4. The Maritime sector of the economy which was dominated in the past by people in border communities and in many cases illegally undertaken is now an emerging lucrative economic sector
  5. Aviation development will continue to drive traffic in and out and holds strong promises not only for revenues but employment and human capacity development as Akwa Ibom continues on the current pace of being a tourism hub.
  6. Water and road transport will need to be rediscovered to accelerate activities.
  7. The Ibom Deep Seaport is one of the keys to the economic advancement of Akwa Ibom given its strategic location, high revenue yielding prospect and employment opportunities for our youths.
  8. A typical Akwa Ibom person is well educated and intelligent. But beyond  that, we will have to reeducate the minds of our people to not only see opportunities, but reposition themselves for the economic boom of the future. Going forward, there is need to look at our school curriculum and courses and position our kids to study relevant courses at home and abroad particularly at certain age brackets. Our Human Capacity Development must be in line with emerging trends
  9. We need to build peace and sustain it for stable economic development.
  10. The Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) initiative are known drivers of every economy from poor to developing and developed. It encourages savings and stimulate economic growth. There are lessons to learn from China, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and other emerging or leading economies on this. Instead of beer parlours, senior man and Ono owo mkpo vibes, we should form entrepreneurial clusters, fund and segment such clusters to face different entrepreneurial frontiers ranging from Agriculture, Trade, Artisanship and others. We can learn, modify and apply the Ibo initiative on entrepreneurial development for self fulfillment, economic renewal and growth.


We have to consider the RELEVANT Capacity of our next Governor! Re examine your choice! Mr. Inoyo, in our considered view, has the capacity, industry experience, pedigree, maturity, contacts, TEAM, candour, self carriage and aura to dig deeper into these areas and take us there.

It gladdens my heart when I remember what played out in Anambra State recently. The people knew that Professor  Soludo is a man of capacity and they went for him. We all know Mr Udom Inoyo as a man of capacity. Therefore I call on us to go for him as our governor come 2023.

Please let Reason guide us.

 Efremfon Usenideh is a Lawyer, Dev. & Real Estate Investment Banker, Farmer and Preacher.


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