Baba Richie Sets to Burst the Music Stratosphere with AYODO-OK

This Album is a Box Office Smasher

Baba Richie Sets to Burst  the Music Stratosphere with AYODO-OK

“Don’t let anybody to tell you that  u’re not gonna make it. Just believe in yourself ,put your faith in God everything is going to be fine -AYADO_OK”–BABA RICHIE SLEEM 

Something spectacular is about to happen in Ukanafun  land soon to further showcase the rich talent contents of that local government Area of Akwa Ibom State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The 9th   day of April, 2021 is the D-day that this young emerging Afro-pop singer popularly called Baba Richie Sleem is set to launch his maiden music album of eleven hit tracks at the Council Hall Ukanafun. AYADO-OK which means everything will be fine, is one of the top tracks of the album. I have personally listened to it and believes that it is the type of music that it can top and sit high on the Bill Board and become a Box Office smasher. I love the music philosophy of Baba Richie especially Ayado-ok because it connects easily with my life story and that of millions of people in the world.The track celebrates existentialism in art by  telling an encouraging graphic story of the unshakable faith of a man who was once extremely poor but kept working so hard and believing that one day AYADO -OK (everything will be fine). Through deep and enduring metaphysical anguish of both physical and emotional pains the man worked and  progressed from  a grinding poverty state of a crude climber and harvester of oil palm fruits, to a deep pocket business mogul.

Baba Richie who is a native of Ukanafun is a great singer, songwriter, Word Adviser, Fashion Designer. He is a thorough bred artist, dancer a consummate performer and CEO, Talent House Music.

Just  be happy for Baba Richie Sleem as he is about to torpedo everywhere with his positive vibration.


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