Comrade Ini Ememobong is extravagantly loved and needed as governor

Not too young to run

Comrade Ini Ememobong is extravagantly loved and needed as governor

As the 2023 gubernatorial election tecks close,  Comrade Ini Ememobong, the current commissioner fo Information and strategy is one of the  personalities rumoured to be interested in becoming the next governor of the Akwa Ibom state

Townhall Platform ran a poll on its face book channel yesterday to feel the pulse of the public concerning Mr Ememobong’s desire to be governor. The result was an extravagant love and  90% YES by the people who commented.

My Ini Ememobong is a lawyer by profession and the immediate past publicity secretary PDP Akwa Ibom State chapter. In his late 30s, Hon. Ememobong sticks me as an emerging tiger in Akwa Ibom leader podium.

Below are some of the comment

Charles Udo-Okure

From my assessments, he’s in the picture but its going to be a hard one for him due to the camp he belongs.

All he needs is hard work…….

Secondly he’s too young in heart , the office of the governor is not in grammar.

Desocialthinker Eno-Obong:How old was king Saul? What about the youngest king in the Bible who was king at 7? How old is Emmanuel Macron? Bottom of Form


Inibehe Udo

Politically ok but young and inexperienced for that level of leadership.


This is the best product so far. He is a human manager and is competent also


Ikpoto Jane Mary JP

How much did he pay you

Townhall Platform

Mary Ikpoto,so your life is all about niara and kobo? Scroll through my post for the past one week and return here to apologise for your silly comment


Desocialthinker Eno-Obong :Yes, he is one man with a golden heart. I don’t mind traveling with a night bus to vote for him in 2023.INI ISO 2023.

People will say he is too young, but I see a matured politician in the content of his character, he is from the lordDesocialthinker Eno-Obong: Don’t mind them. Solomon was wiser than Methuselah. Fools also grow old.

And I say the time is Youth O’Clock

He’s saleable, and more advantaged to become the Governor of our State.

The way the state is tilting to, Udom wouldn’t want to loose or fail to install a successor.…

Mr. Inoyo, being rumored to be the real man in Udom’s heart will be generally rejected. That will leave the position purely for 3 people (Onofiok, OBA, and Ini Ememobong), zoning here won’t favor Onofiok Luke too, because Attah and Akpan Isemin were from his blog. Hence Ibiono/Itu blog will be well favored, that will leave a tough choice between OBA, and Ini Ememobong.

But the Information Commissioner, has more advantages, one being his popularity amongst youths, age on his side, and the Governor will prefer him to OBA.

I prefer him to any other candidates, and I respect the way Udom Emmanuel has enrolled young, vibrant and dynamic men in his administration.


SInuama Ekanem:Ask yourself this question; can Ini Ememobong stand election with OBA?


  • Essienifiok Unanam: Sinuama Ekanem is OBA God? Remember, nobody believed that Chris Ekpenyong would’ve defeated one man.
  • Ekeke Liberty Prayforme: Sinuama Ekanem this was de same statement u made last year during 2019 election between Akpabio n ukarakpa”Can ukarakpa stand election with Akpabio”?

Bottom of Form

Esang Ibekwe

I love ini ememobong

Peter Eshiet

He is still building the structure an capacity time would tell

He good to go

Ini Ememobong

is the answer, he’s very

We need a working gov like GOA we don’t need another Udom . I think Onofiok will perform like GOA. He’s a vibrant Young Man

Winsor Brown We need a working gov like GOA we don’t need another Udom . I think Onofiok will perform like GOA. He’s a vibrant Young Man

. ·  Desocialthinker Eno-Obong

Even Onofiok Luke will wait after ini EMEMOBONG.

let Onofiok concentrated on his parliamentary duty and forget about governorship for now.

What do you even mean by another Udom?

Winsor Brown

Udom is a nightmare in terms of performance. D worst ever started from Attah down to him

He carry a unique potential but the only fear is that political gladiators may not consider him because he may outsmart them and work with the new and young technocrats

Townhall platform, any Akwaibomite is qualify to contest but people will choose the right person for the job

Does he really need this distraction now? Please you people should allow him to work.

Everything to his advantage_ age, intelligence, money, exposure, nativity, etc. But power belongs to God not on permutations. Weakness_ he is not only too close to this sinking government, but a product of it. Who in Akwa Ibom State will buy or sell this brand? I weep for the massive destruction across the State in the name of construction.

Akwa Ibom of 2023 and going forward needs a” Lee Kuan Yes” who would use the money we are getting from fossil fuel for organic growth and productivity.As it stands ,we are spending more to reinforce concretes and less to reinforce humans..Ini is a great guy any time any day and if the universe and the cosmos favours him,he can make it but power game is a matrix that God tweaks the dynamics.Let me stop here.

Did he tell you he’s contesting?. The young man is too focused on the completion agenda of His Excellency Governor Udom Emmanuel mbok #YakEmemAba ke Akwa Ibom ndion.

His boss once said that we akwa ibomite should not allow nyamini( ekaette akpabio) to govern us again… We’re is his wife from





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