EFFECTIVE REPRESENTATION: Hon Unyime Idem Retains the Golden Crown.

This week marks the second anniversary of Hon. Unyime Idem as member representing Ukanafun Oruk Anam Federal constituency in the National Assembly. In my honest opinion, he has once again emerged as the primus inter pares- the first among equal within the circle of his colleagues from Akwa Ibom in the Green chambers. His achievements within the past two years is a clear case of res ipsa loquitur -the fact speaks for itself. Idem is evidently the champion of in-chambers and off chambers legislative engagements for now for the second year running.

When in 2019, Hon Idem threw his hat into the ring to join the long list of aspirants to contest for the Ukanafun Oruk Anam federal constituency seat, some political pundits swiftly predicted that he will be beaten like a drum. They jeered and contented that he will be a monumental flop given the fact that entrepreneurs who think in figures and walk in measured steps can hardly flourish in the game of politics which requires rash and rough people. They were wrong. Idem is only gentle in mien, but a tiger in spirit. The contest was stiff like a high jump, but Idem scaled it and grace the initial desire summit of his political dream. His victory was another manifestation of the self-fulfilling prophesy about his destiny that his dreams always come true at one transcendent moment.

People generally believe that Hon Idem is a lucky man. But then, the man has also constructed his luck through hard work, dedication, self-discipline and total dependence on God. As a teenager he set his face hard like a flint and conquered the tyranny of the flesh. He believed that he who seeks to rule the world must first rule himself. From a start-up capital of N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira) Hon Idem twenty years ago grew his business from trading in groceries, barbing saloon, selling of phone accessories to become a multi-million-naira telecom and banking magnet sitting on the board of many viable companies.

Like a gentle unassuming sea breeze, Mr Idem entered the House of Representatives without swag, elbow akimbo or truck loaded with toxic attitude. Guided by the sunshine of God’s omniscience, he graced his legislative duties with consummate intensity and lifted Ukanafun Oruk Anam federal constituency from the throes of years of clumsy representation.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background with sound understanding of the market place, top business schools background and good knowledge of the grass root needs of his people, Hon Idem mandate can be equated to what the revered journalist Ray Ekpu calls “buy one and get one for free”-meaning two in one representation.

On the floor of the Green Chambers, Hon Idem is always a delight to watch whenever he speaks with either sound bites in short and catchy snippets or with detailed, succinct and well marshaled consummate presentation.

Hon Idem’s effective representation which has translated into wealth creation and lives changing massive empowerment across the federal constituency is not only commendable but worthy of emulation by representatives at various levels of governance. The capacity he has displayed within just two years is second to none.

Thank you and more hips and hurrahs to you good brother.

++++++++++++++++ by Ufok Ibekwe.



  1. 1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Vocational Skills Centre, Ukanafun LGA
  2. 1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Vocational Skills Centre, Oruk Anam LGA
  3. 1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Agricultural Skills Acquisition Centre
  4. Entrepreneurial Skills Centre, Ukanafun LGA
  5. Digital E-Learning Centre with 40 Computer Sets and solar electricity at Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
  6. Digital E-Learning Centre with 40 computer Sets and solar electricity at Afaha High School, Ikot Udombang, Ukanafun LGA;
  7. ICT Learning Centre with 40 Computer Sets and solar electricity at Community Secondary School, Urua Ekpaenang, Ukanafun LGA;
  8. Digital E-Learning Centre with 40 computer Sets, solar panel and 20KVA generator at Community Secondary School, Mbiakot Oruk Anam LGA;
  9. 2 Nos Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
  10. Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Government Secondary School, Ikot Oku Usung, Ukanafun LGA;
  11. Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Model Secondary School, Okpa, Oruk Anam LGA.
  12. Community Civic Centre, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
  13. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
  14. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
  15. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Ikot Udo Obobo, Ukanafun LGA;
  16. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Urua Ekpaenang, Ukanafun LGA;
  17. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Okot Oku Usung, Ukanafun LGA;
  18. Solar-powered Water Scheme, Obio Okpa, Oruk Anam LGA;
  19. 2 Bedroom Bungalow building for a Widow, Ukanafun LGA
  20. Hosted the maiden edition of Constituency Briefing/Townhall Meeting with constituents – gave out 5-million-naira cash, 24 cows, 500 bags of rice, and wrappers for 100 widows.
  21. During the period of national lockdown occasioned by the corona virus pandemic, donated 600 bags of rice as palliatives to constituents, to cushion the effects of the lockdown.
  22. Donated more than 50,000 text/note books, writing and other teaching materials to schools in the two local governments of Ukanafun and Oruk Anam, to boost teaching and learning.
  23. Donated medical equipment to hospitals.
  24. Facilitated recruitment of 24 constituents into the Nigerian Police Force, other appointments into federal government agencies and other blue-chip companies.
  25. Entered into partnership with Government of Finland to establish an ICT hub and an Institute.
  26. Empowered 1000 Constituents in 26 different skills


  1. The Free internet access in public places Bill 2020;
  2. National Broadcasting Commission Act (amendment) Bill 2020;
  3. National Community Service Scheme Bill 2020;
  4. Entrepreneurship Education Bill 2020;
  5. Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurship Development Agency Act (amendment) Bill 2020,
  6. Free Education (Prohibition of Fees and Other Charges) Bill, 2020.
  7. Federal College of Agriculture, Oruk Anam (Establishment) Bill, 2020;
  8. Adult Education (Establishment) Bill, 2020
  9. National Identity Management Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2020
  10. National Open University (Amendment) Bill, 2020.
  11. National Information Technology Development Agency Act Amendment Bill. 2021
  12. Terrorism (Prevention) Act Amendment Bill 2021
  13. Nigeria Police Act Amendment Bill 2021
  14. Nigeria Communications Act Amendment Bill 2021
  15. Donor Agencies Regulatory Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2021
  16. Federal Character Commission Act (Amendment) Bill 2021


  1. Need for the Federal government to revamp the ailing Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, NIFOR, located at Oruk Anam LGA,
  2. the need for the federal government to construct the highway linking Abak Midim and Mkpat Enin LGA as well as the construction of Ikot Ukpong-Eren bridge in Oruk Anam that collapsed 40 years ago,
  3. Need to investigate non-implementation of pay as you go (PAYG) tariff by DSTV and other broadcast satellite service providers in Nigeria,
  4. the need for the federal government to increase security presence in federal roads during festive seasons,
  5. urgent need for the Federal Government to appoint 37 Commissioners into Federal Character Commission,
  6. the need for emergency national response to tackle the coronavirus pandemic presently ravaging the human race,
  7. Urgent need to create immediate public awareness and preparedness to combat possible outbreak of Ebola virus and to take measures to avoid same.
  8. the need for the federal government to suspend the implementation of the 2.5 percent VAT increment and revert to the original 5 percent until January 1, 2021 in the interest of Nigerians during this period of covid-19 pandemic,
  9. a call on the Federal Government to immediately set up Sex Offender and Gender Violation Special Court for speedy trial of the Perpetrators of the offence,
  10. a call on the Federal Government to immediately establish and inaugurate the National Council on Public Procurement to strengthen the fight against corruption in the Public Sector
  11. Non-Release of Traditional Take-Off Grant to University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and other Notable Federal Universities Across the Country after their Establishment.
  12. Urgent call on the Service chiefs and the Inspector General of Police to intensify efforts in the rescue of the abducted school children and staff of Government Secondary School, Kagara Niger State
  13. A call for comprehensive investigation, prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of the kidnapping, sexual assault, physical assault and heinous killing of Miss Iniubong Umoren and the need to protect her family members


  1. Deputy Chairman Communications Committee
  2. Chairman Ad-hoc Committee to investigate non implementation of Pay as you go tariff by DSTV and other satellite broadcast service providers in Nigeria.
  3. Member ad-hoc committee that investigated the Bauchi State House of Assembly crisis,
  4. Member ad-hoc committee on water resources
  5. Member ad-hoc committee to investigate NDDC Interim Management Committee
  6. Delegate to International Telecoms Conference that took place in Hungary
  7. Member Committees on ICT, NDDC, Petroleum Resources (Upstream), Works, Nigeria Contents Development and Monitoring Board, Public Procurement, Banking and Currency, Civil Societies and Development Partners, SDGs, Customs and Excise.THE