TOPIC: God Will Stoop To Lift You HIGH
SCRIPTURE: Psalm 113:7-8 “He lifts the poor out of the dust and rescues beggars from the garbage dump. He puts them in important positions, giving them a place among the leaders of his people.”
MESSAGE: Have you ever been discriminated, looked down upon and relegated to the background because of your tribe, family background, financial status, academic qualification, gender or due to one disability or the other? Our God is a loving Father who does not discriminate. He makes His bountiful grace available to everyone. From His throne in heaven, He stoops down to exalts beggars from the dust and rescue the needy from the garbage dump to sit on high positions. He replaces shame with a double share of honour. He replaces filthy rags with spotless royal robes, while poverty is replaced by abundance in Christ.
I have watched garbage disposal workers on duty on many occasions packing dirt from the garbage bin into their disposal trucks. They mandatorily wear protective kits like gloves, helmets, heavy boots and face mask for safety and prevention from infection because the job is inherently hazardous. They are just doing the job for the pay to put food on their tables and cloths on their back. They are not enthusiastic or passionate about it because if they had options, they would readily dump it and go for something more dignified and decent. This is where our heavenly father stands apart from human beings. Our loving God is the only one who can stoop to pull us out of dirty garbage of life with his outstretch bare hands to sit on a high position.
I met a very beautiful young lady recently at the Dunamis church Abuja Lord’s garden sitting on a very expensive wheel chair. I went to the garden that day with my son and daughter for spiritual recreation. While my kids were busy running round the groovy garden having fun, I sat under a dense mango tree to meditate and pray. The beautiful young lady in the wheel chair was there too. She told me that she collapsed in her house five years ago and became paralyzed on her two legs. The husband immediately abandoned her and her two kids and moved out of their home to live with another woman. She was crying as she narrated the sad story of how the husband dumped her in her condition. I prayed with her and told her that God will surely stoop down to pull her up again.
Friends, God is gracious and faithful. He will never abandon you inside any garbage bin of life. Our Father in heaven will not only stoop to pull you out of your current garbage bin of life, He will also dress you up as the most beautiful bird in the world and thereafter set you up on a high position in Jesus’ name-Amen.
PRAYER: My Father and my Lord, I thank you for your loving kindness. I call upon you this day to pull me out of my current painful and difficult condition (name them). Lord lift me up and place me in a high position of honour to your own glory in Jesus’ name-Amen.