How Barr. Victor Ukutt Escaped The Trap Of Hired Assassins

God’s Mercy covered him and confused the evil people

A prominent Lagos based senior lawyer, Victor Ukutt has escaped the trap of hired assassins. Barr Ukutt who is a native of  Ukanafun Local Government  in Akwa Ibom State reported the incident in his Facebook handle and confirmed it in a phone conversation with Townhall Platform. He attributed his escape to the infinite mercy of God.

In his narration of the incident on his Facebook handle Mr. Ukutt said:

“Assassins /kidnappers trailed me in Lagos for over one month, but my God confused them and turned their evil plans to nought.

On 20th September 2023, at 3.15pm, I received a phone call with telephone number 08138021183 from one Mohammed who said he was calling from Yaba, Lagos. He claimed that he wanted to retain my legal services. According to him, he needed me to handle the purchase of a property on behalf of his brother whose name he refused to disclose. Probing further, he informed me that someone gave him my business card from where he picked my telephone number and address. I went further to tell him that, if indeed he needed legal services, that there are other lawyers in my law firm to handle the matter due to my busy schedule. As the said Mohammed kept talking to me, the spirit of God told me that he was on an evil mission. At that point, I told him that it will not be possible for me to handle the transaction myself but he insisted on being handled by me because of the humongous amount that is involved, but I declined.

On Monday 9th October 2023, a Lady named Aisha came to my office looking for me to seek legal services and when she was told I was not around, she repeated to see me the next day being the 10th October 2023. According to her, she is an account holder with FCMB at Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere, Lagos and that her account was dissipated without her consent. She claimed that  the FCMB officials directed her to my law office opposite the bank to seek for legal services. When my security staff informed me on phone of the presence of one Aisha, the spirit of the Lord God that I serve informed me that she was part of the evil mission with the Mohammed I earlier mentioned. As a result of my suspicion, I instructed my lawyers in the office to take her to FCMB to verify the veracity of her claims.I directed the lawyers that once they get to FCMB, the should raise alarm of kidnappers and she would be apprehended. When my lawyers insisted on taking her to FCMB on Adeniran Ogunsanya street, Surulere, Lagos to verify her statement, she hastily ran away.


On Friday 13th October 2023, I was trailed by four gunmen in a Toyota Sienna bus. But God caused confusion  amongst the gunmen and they mistook me and kidnapped another person. (For security reasons I won’t disclose his identify on the social media). They kidnapped the person at Onitire street, off Grandmate street, Ago Palace Way, okota, Isolo, Lagos. But when they kidnapper/terrorist/ assassins brought out a photograph from their phone to cross-check the person they had kidnapped, they discovered or realized that they had kidnapped the wrong person and not me.

The victim later said that the kidnappers call one Mohammed and Aisha that they had mistakenly kidnapped the wrong person. At that point the said Mohammed told the kidnappers to throw the victim away as that was not their target.Consequently, the victim was pushed out of their moving vehicle and the kidnappers warned the victim not to let me know that they are looking for me otherwise they would come back  and waste him as they were monitoring every conversation on his phone.

On private investigation, the said telephone no 08138021183 belongs to Musa Mohammed. His address is withheld for security reasons. His date of birth is 25th November 1987.His Virtual NIN No is MX293867359283EC while his NIMC user ID is AAZDCP_2138.Also Aisha full name is Aisha Joy Ladan with telephone number 08141162771.

Meanwhile, their photographs, addresses, phone numbers have already been passed to the DSS, IGP and other security agents. I have already petition the leadership of NBA to take up this matter with relevant security agents  for urgent actions”


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