How I met a real human being, Mr Udom Inoyo–by Bar. Ufok Ibekwe

He is a real transformational leader

“Listen to me and I will tell you the truth about how I use to think that there were no real human beings anymore until I met Mr Udom Inoyo and got enlisted into his team in 2021. I will also tell you why I prefer to stick with him in his quest to become the governor of Akwa Ibom in 2023. Additionally I will also advise you to avoid predicting the political future now. To do that could be likened to a fool’s errand, because politics is so dynamic with so many variables beyond the control of one single individual or institution.
Since the present period could be likened to the morning hours of an election day, I feel it is better to see more, look more, hear more, talk less , dance less but work more and assume less, because assumption to me is the lowest level of knowledge.
My script today is very simple. It is written in simple prose just to tell you the real human being called Udom Inoyo that I met and got committed to his cause.
I had a dream last night that was very real. In that dream, I saw Akwa Ibom as a sprawling cosmopolitan city with a very active working population of blue, white and green collar workers. There were beautiful beaches a long our coastline with many high spirited foreign tourists sun bathing and having fun. I was walking about in one of the beaches with my son enjoying my bragging right by telling the tourists that what they were enjoying was just the beginning.Then I suddenly woke up and realized that it was only a dream.
Dreams sometimes come as a result of multitude of thoughts. Perhaps my burden for the development of my state may have saturated my sub-conscious mind to produce the said dream. But what confuses me even uptil this moment is that it was so real.
I dare too to say also that it was Mr Udom Inoyo who truly blew my mind open in 2021 to see many hidden potentials in Akwa Ibom. I think that was when the seed of modern day Eldorado Akwa Ibom was planted in my mind that may have manifested in my dream last night.
In the course of my working with Mr Inoyo to actualise his vision to become the governor of Akwa Ibom in 2023, I have discovered that he is one of the few real human beings still alive today. His vision is clear, his passion is deep and his flesh is free from tyranny. He is indeed a real human being created in God’s image with advance soul, sound mind and endowed with pure spirit.
Akwa Ibom is a State where politics is the only thriving industry. As a patriotic son of the soil, I have always dreamt and believed that one day a transformational leader like the founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew will emerge. Yew was a real Human being who truly understood the socio- economic challenges of his country and how to tackle them. With vision and passion, he transforms a third world mud land territory into a flourishing first world manufacturing economy. Through vision and passion, the ruler of Dubia, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was able to turn a dusty desert territory into a land dotted with sprawling skyline of towers, beautiful artificial beaches, lakes and beautiful tourism sites.
During my regular conversations and interactions with mr Inoyo within the past one year, I did not need any soothsayer to tell me that he is the man to produce the Akwa Ibom of my dream. Like the ruler of Dubia and the founder of modern Singapore, Mr Inoyo has what it takes to achieve such feat in Akwa Ibom.
It is on this bases that I stand and will continue to stand with Mr Udom Inoyo for my dream for Akwa Ibom to leave the dreamland and be actualized in the world of reality.
This is where I stand.
– Ufok Ibekwe is Abuja based human rights and development activist and the Admin/ publisher of Townhall Platform . He is from Nto Okon, Ukanafun, in Akwa Ibom State.

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