Nigerian Service chiefs as sacred cows

Are they more important to Buhari than the country

Things have fallen apart in Nigeria as the center can no longer hold. The current APC government led by clueless President Buhari has driven the country to the precipices of total collapse. The government has completely failed in securing the safety of lives and properties in the nation, a responsibility enshrined in the constitution. No part of the country is safe any longer as every region is now under siege by either boko haram in the north east, Fulani herdsmen in the north central, Bandits in the north west, kidnapping and all forms of insecurity all over the country.

Buhari came into power in 2015 with a truck loads of promises to Nigerians including ending the Boko Haram insurgency within three months. Almost six years after, the country is still reeling under constant attacks and slaughter of innocent citizen by the Islamic militant group. Shockingly, the same sets of service chiefs who have failed woefully to secure the nation have been left untouched despite repeated calls for their sack. They have been left as sacred cows despite their failure, seemingly suggesting that there may be a secret pact between Buhari and the service chiefs. Could this purported sacret pact have something to do with a heinous agenda inimical to the overall interest of the people of this country? Could there be a fifth column within the military that is not interested in the boko haram war being ended due to its financial benefits? Could it also be that Boko haram is funded by the Muslim predominant north to check mate the Christian south? What is really going on? What agenda is the government of President Buhari running that doesn’t care about the security and welfare of the people.

According to a 2017 World Bank report, Boko Haram does not  have up to 10,000 man fighting force compared to 215,000 personnel strength of Nigerian arm forces. Under global fire power Nigeria is ranked 42 out of 138 countries in the world and 4th within Africa.

What is really going on that a super eagle cannot defeat a chicken?


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