THE CHRISLAND SAGA: Warning to parents –By Dr Gloria Essien

The need for sound and Godly parenting


I am afraid! the specie of human beings called children are fast becoming miniature adults!

Take a walk into birthday parties, you’d be shocked at the sex-triggering music played, the erotic dances and the provocative dressings, these ones leave nothing to imagination and we, parents must leave nothing to chance in raising them.

I have 4 godly kids and I am so intentional, there’s no BBN in my home, birthday parties out of the home are a “no”, I am finicky about their dressing, the dad and i take turns to do school runs for all in secondary school and the last in primary, they have no phones and will not till they are 18. Their schools are Christian schools where they are taught a school examinable subject called “Completely Christian” which has in its curriculum everything on life lessons.

My kids aren’t perfect but i pray for an early encounter with God by positioning them intentionally through family discussions and devotions . A child will wade through life with the fear of God and the fear of man, where both are lacking, the outcome is predictable.

Today, many churches no longer have Sunday school which was a Q and A session, in churches where there are children-churches, the teachers are busy selling their wares and fiddling with phones and if Jesus were still in human flesh, he’d flog them silly and throw out their wares.

Many homes are no longer parent-managed, they have cooks, stewards, drivers and all and the parents just meet to mate and then join the rat race. You don’t watch children grow, you raise them. Children grow by nature but are raised by nurture!
Children are to be raised!

In choosing schools, parents today place aesthetic appeal and academic excellence over moral education and until moral education takes prime place in our choices of schools, many parents will keep harvesting souls for Satan by their neglect and voracious appetites for social relevance by dazzling their fans and friends with the exorbitant fees they pay and who and who is their child’s classmate!

I am so old-school on these and totally at peace with it, because there are prayer points I don’t want to engage in at old age.
They pay for extra lesson for their children in mathematics, physics and chemistry and English but never in moral education! I learnt from Dr Mrs Mbre that she includes this for her four children in the extra lesson she pays for.

Let me end by asking, how many families still have family devotion, how many families still break bread(communion), how many still pay tithe, how many families have family constitution and how many parents still advise their kids?

Do we have committed teachers still or a bunch of dissatisfied persons hibernating in schools till their big break comes?

Do we have lecturers in higher institutions who
Mentor young ones and squeeze a moment or two in class to teach them life lessons, do we have lecturers like Prof Jide Johnson Oyedeji who would invite us after lectures to his palatial office to watch, “Mount Zion movies” and at the end, we would trudge back to our hostels, broken, sniffling, crying, cursing and swearing never to go back to sin! He preached no message but by his lifestyle, he was and still is a message! Little wonder, before I accepted my husband’s proposal, I whispered to Prof.after praying!! Twenty years after we still talk and he is a deputy vice chancellor in one of Nigeria’s leading universities.

Yes Itohowo, it is a world where the girls no longer wear pants and they fling their bums like satchets of impure water, they no longer wear bras, they now wear silicone nipples that point and make their nipples point like a missile set to fire Ukraine or Russia, making some lecturers forget the course codes and course contents!

They wear bikers shorts for lectures and stroll in like well-clad! I don’t let them in and they don’t come anyway because before I teach a class, I reel out my rules! You can’t assault me sexually by what I see, I protect myself because I am flesh and blood, so I am the governor of the class and I determine in those two or three hours, what I mustn’t see!

No lecturer of mine saw my cleavage, I would blush to show them even, i didn’t have to meet Jesus to know my parents would “kill” me, knowing Jesus only made me consistent at doing the “right”

The fear of God and the fear of parents is a combo for conquest!

I am old school and radically so, ask any Soil Science student, they will tell you that my young men don’t sag and their chest hairs are for none to see, ask my class rep Emmanuel Chukwuemeka, and many more. Pouting, sticking tongues, useless poses before and after lectures are frowned at and my lessons don’t start and end without forbidding cohabitation! If you know how many “married” students we have in campuses and the multiple abortions that they do, you’d pay close attention to raising kids and not just saving money for Ivy-league schools!

Do we still have dedicated owner- managed schools where contributory negligence and supervisory failure is unaccepted? My school principal, Mrs Stella EFFIOM would follow us to the stadium and once or twice when the school Pick-up van broke down, she stayed there with us till it got fixed, we sat on the grass by the kerb stones with her……. Oh what an honor, to see and sit upclose and personally with the woman who strutted on podiums and instructed from rostrums!

Do we have parents who vet, assess and evaluate the antecedence of the owners of a school before enrolling their children in it or do we just choose a school because of mundane and transient issues. Are we eternally minded in our actions and decisions?

Do we have PTA sessions where parents are taught the art of parenting or do we rather have converges where we talk about how to ace a good result in class but not in life.

Do we tell our children not to cheat? I sing it to mine that I will not be called up and shamed on their behalf! So I pay the price and teach them at home too.

My youngest daughter won’t copy her notes and while we can afford to photocopy it for her, We insist her tutor screen-shots the pages she has omitted and I get her butt seated for the task, do you think she’ll fail at copying her notes again? No! She knows that her parents aren’t patronizing and that should keep her solemnizing or soliloqiluizing.

Children are part of a wedding train and the makeup artist adorns their faces with paintings from the devil and their nails are painted too and in readiness for school on Monday, they flaunt it and you smile in satisfaction! The school may turn a blind eye for the fees you pay or if they dare to cough at it some parents bark, bite and smite with all their might.

Please send your kids to schools where there are no sacred cows and if there are, ensure the school managers themselves are lions too!
Request for feedback from teachers, stop telling them, how your child can’t lie, I lied to the Nth order as a child, I lied and got my mum to buy me glasses in Ceejay vision center and now my first daughter wears glasses as we drove to the Soteria eye clinic, she smiled at me and squeezed my dry flaky palms and said, “it is not what you think mum, I have sight problems, I won’t do you what you did your mum”. I wondered, “Is nemesis catching up with me? The dad chose the frames and I probed the ophthalmologist more till I confirmed her speculations were authentic.

Avoid greedy schools where parents gift teachers with phones and envelopes of money and while they teach, they cheat as well for pecuniary transient gains and parents are swept by the allures of life while their childrens destinies are washed ashore by the devil’s tornadoes.

All parents probably pray for their children but how many pray with them? I would shout it loud in their ears, you will never have inordinate desires, you will never be a lesbian, you will never be raped, you will stand where others fall, I install in you an app that rejects sin, detects sin and detests sin. I tell God to send their love to sleep as the book of Solomon says, “Do not awaken love before it’s time”.

…..that they may be found worthy in character and learning” is what is written in certificates but is this our reality? until character trumps learning, we will keep seeing suchlike videos.
I am not perfect but I try because I see that Samuel’s mum tried and I see that Eli and his wife didn’t try! If you try, God will crown your efforts with success.

I was very well raised and till today, I remember how shy I was in the first week in my married life, when my dad came visiting, I thought he gave me that look of, “what did you do at night”?

Worse still, I remember being pregnant for my first child and how my parents looked at me like, “oh, so she has done it”, I never stopped being shy and withdrawn.

I remember with nostalgia how my dad would ask me of my husband and I never could respond to him with that title, I would always say, “Bro Emmanuel is fine”. Today I see the blatantness, wantoness, effrontery and audacity that these young mothers volunteer! I see the “truth and dare games” they play under the guise of “prewedding photos” where the man gropes the woman and is focused on her cleavages like a lion awaiting its prey! Both parties seem like they are on heat!

Let’s turn on the heat on parents, who do not censor or reprimand their children because they are not exemplary in lifestyle. This hydraheaded monster is ravaging our moral fabric and if we don’t take steps to hunt down a remnant, many will breed sexual hurricanes that will hurry a harvest of sexually prominent youngsters turned monsters.If we don’t take steps, the sexual volcanoes will volatilize our already faulty social system and leave us with nothing but shocks!

My conscience was and is more alive in me even more than my systems and organs.
Am I perfect? No! When I sin I have no peace!
Parents must do more!!!

There are still three organs of change in the society, the home, the school and the church.
Many homes have failed and you mustn’t let yours be a statistic for this demography.
The Chrisland gate is more than a gate, we need to equip our children to confront the enemies at the gate!

The Chrisland saga is a dagger, I hope it pierces parents to be aware and beware.
The questions begging for answers are these; Where are parents? Where are your children schooling, where do you worship, who do you worship, who is in your home and who is that child you are raising?

Until we get the blueprint on each child like Mr and Mrs Manoah, the parents of Samson did, we may loose out exponentially and till we pray for an early encounter like in Joseph’s case where even in a foreign land, he chose the fear of God over pleasure.

Whether in Dubai or Nigeria, may God help our children to say “No” to sin!
Truly, the Chrisland saga is a dagger, I hope it pierces parents to be aware and beware!.

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