Tinubu’s Presidency and the north’s mega panic

They don’t trust him. But can they stop him?

Tinubu’s Presidency and the north’s mega panic

The north and the APC top brass in the region are already experiencing real mega panic at the prospect of Tinubu emerging as President of Nigeria in 2023. But why? Of course, they Know very well that the man popularly known as Jagaban is a die- hard believer  in true fiscal federalism and restructuring which the north does not want for now.  The northern  leaders also  know  the man Tinubu too well as a pretender- in chief who  only cut a deal to support Buhari in 2015 to push out Goodluck Jonathan to enable him achieve his ambition as president in 2023. The north does not see Tinubu as a man that could be trusted to keep his promise and  protect their interest.

Before 2015, Tinubu’s political influence was largely regional with Alliance for Democracy (AD) and later Action Congress of Nigeria  (ACN) as the political parties he operated with before the merger of ACN with Buhari’s  Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) before 2015. As a result of his political sagacity, Tinubu can no longer be described as a regional political lord operating within a limited sphere of influence. He is now a national figure with his plans and intentions firmly concealed in his mind but not to those who know him too well for what he has consistently stood for over the years.

As a Nigerian politician and business man, Bola Tinubu estimated net worth is about $3 billion (over N1 trillion) according to Forbes . He reportedly owns a fair percentage of properties across Lagos State, with many expensive properties and investments that are worth billions of Naira linked to him in Nigeria and overseas. He is the richest Lagos state politician and one of the richest politicians in Nigeria

A man in this kind of ideological and financial mould is enough to ignite fear in the mind of the north on the likelihood of him translating his ideology of true fiscal federalism and restructuring into reality if he becomes president.  But can they stop the Jagaban

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