VEILED -by the Princess of Poetry Dopse Jery

Celibrating existentialism in art

VEILED—by Dopse Jere
Make it sink into me
How getting a hug
Results to bearing a fruit.
What do you stand to gain
When truth you chose to veil
Leaving me a victim of lies
With eyes on me all bare .
Tell me what ceased your strength.
From Calling a spade a spade
Tell me why lie, you told
Tell me, you know the pains
Of aborted destiny
And the shame
Of being a single partner.
Tell me I came to be
When father gave you a hug
Rather than when he gave you a touch.
And then he made a move.
Tell me a hug was all he offered
And a seed began to grow
That sprouted into a tree
Tell me Granny never led you
To protect your flower
That helped you sprout a heroine
That she beats her chest with pride
So mother
Tell me how to cleanse my doom
And grow this seed alone
To have the best of all.
Oh mother
Tell me why you murdered
The seed you were to mother
To be come a mother
Now mother
I’ll save this swansong
Sing it to this seed in me
If in my death its comes alive.

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