You are God’s precious seed

He watches over you

The apple of God’s eyes
Your destiny cannot be aborted
Termites cannot the destroy the seed
Harsh weather cannot kill you
Because God has a purpose for you
To grow you into a great fruitful tree.
Every human being created by God is a precious seed designed to fulfill a divine destiny of fruitfulness on earth. When such individual surrenders his life to Jesus Christ, he become fully empowered and fortified to fulfill his God’s predestined purpose on earth.
Bishop David Oyedepo founder of Winners Chapel, for example was born in 1954 and surrendered his life to Christ in 1969 at the age of 15. He started his Winners Chapel ministry in 1981 at the age of 27. In 1982, he got married at the age of 28 to his wife Faith as shown in their youthful picture below. Due to Oyedepo’s intimate and functional working relationship with God, the same God who created him as His precious seed has made huge investments in his life.
Today, Bishop Oyedepo has been mightily used by God to bring millions of people to Christ, produce and mentor great gospel ministers globally to enlarge the kingdom of God. He is also impacting positively in the educational sector through the Covenant University and Hallmark University he founded to give a Christ centered education and lifestyle to young people.
Friends, It is only when you have a good and functional relationship with God that God can trust you and make huge investments in your life. God adopts this procedure because He knows that through the insurance by the blood of Jesus over your life , His investment in your life will be secured and not squandered.
In Genesis 45:5 Joseph said to his bewildered brothers “But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives”.
Before this encounter, God had allowed Joseph to be sold and planted as a seed of righteousness a period of over 13 years in Egypt before the arrival of his brothers to buy corn during the third famine.
Before his brother came to Egypt, Joseph as a precious seed had germinated and grew into a huge tree of righteousness bearing abundant fruits to fulfill his dream and purpose. Harsh circumstances of life did not destroy him because he feared God and God was with him.
From the Potiphar’s house to the prison, the bible tells us that Joseph, despite being a slave and prisoner was prosperous. This was possible because he maintained intimacy with God and God trusted him to invest into his life.
Friends, note that you are a precious seed from God to fulfill God’s kingdom purpose on earth. If you maintain an intimate relationship with God, He will sure make huge kingdom investment in Jesus’ name.
PRAYER: My Lord and father, I come to you today with total submission to your will. Father preserves me and cause my destiny in Your precious seed in me to germinate like the acorn and become a mighty fruitful oak tree- Amen
Father, I pray you, cause my dream and vision (name them) to grow out of the seed and become a big fruitful tree of righteousness. Lord, I surrender my life totally to you to use me to expand Your kingdom. This I pray in Jesus’ name-Amen.

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