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Dopse Jere, the Princess of Peotry

Inks with full peotic license

AGAIN SHE RISE –by Dopse Jere

Under the terrors of pains
Clothed with thick leather of oppression and subjugation
She died and resurrected

Amidst  yellow and pale skin
Who saw no WHITE in her
Because they were overwhelmed By their prejudices

In the midst of toils and snare
The black back bent with sweat Of oppression
Colonized to disorganize

The yellow skins thought
Of her as their enemy
As an ape, as  a devil
An heathen Savage

Desperate for redemption
By being instilled on
A sense of perception, reasoning
The Grace of modernization

And civilization
Through severe exposure
To hard Labour, maltreatment

And disorientation.

So the yellow skins thought
Of themselves
Her redeemer, teacher , mentor.
A monkey,without  them

And so needed tutorials
So she could be initiated
Into human hood
This they did by making sure

She WEPT , that she mourned
That she even lost her numerous
Children in the process.

So amidst her wailings
Amidst her cracked back under the cane of colonization
Was strength, like the eagle

She sprang the LIONESS in her
At the point she couldn’t persevere any longer
Then she said NO to the

cathedral of doom
She said yes to IDOTO
There and then, she ROSE again

Now with strength of the eagle
Into  a full grown woman
Into  a world that awaits her
Phenomenally, she RISE.


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