Honorarium list in Akwa Ibom and the beckoning PDP killer bullet

War over 50k for social media influencers

It seems to me that what will likely kill PDP in Akwa Ibom may not be as deadly as a snake poison or as lethal as a mark4 bullet. It could start like a slow street fight caused by inequitable sharing of the #endsars money or quarrel over the acrimonious 73-man honorarium list of pro-government social media influencers.

The current unfolding events after the leakage of the so-called honorarium list affirms to what late Justice Oputa Jsc once said: “The spirit unites, while matters divide. Teach two people to pray and fast for a common cause, they will remain bonded in the spirit together. Introduce a loaf of bread, and they will fight and tear themselves apart”.

This appears to be the case with the PDP pro-government social media influencers in Akwa Ibom now fighting over the non-inclusion of their names in the recently leaked honorarium list. They were together before, during and after the elections attending events, dancing and smiling over wines. With the introduction of bread into the pack, fight has erupted and there is a crack in the team which if unchecked could develop into a chasm.

There is this general belief that PDP is so entrenched in Akwa Ibom such that no other party can defeat the party in any election. I think people holding on to this belief should also understand that before a strong building collapses, there must be cracks on the walls first.

Although I do not seem to see any sense in the so-called honorarium list coupled with  the shoddy  approach to the entire process, my concern is the unrestrained manner people personal account details have been exposed to the whole world.

I read somewhere that there are so many ways of killing a smart monkey in the Brazilian forest. If you cannot gun the monkey down or catch it with your trap, you can set that entire portion of the forest hosting the monkey on fire to kill it.

I think there is fire on the mountain such that PDP and Udom’s government should get their fire men ready to quell the very fire they set in motion against the social media section of their structure.


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Dopse Jere, the Princess of Peotry

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