Great Music Maestro, Baba Richie Sleem Celebrates Birthday

With a new album titled, HOW FAR?


Today is a very special day in the life of Baba Richie Sleem  as he celebrates another milestone of God’s faithfulness in his life.  Sleem who is celebrating his birthday today is a consummate entertainer, singer, songwriter, motivator and ffashion ddesigner. As a thorough bred artist, dancer, performer and CEO, Talent House Music Baba Richie is another bundle of talent in the music space with great promise to dominate the billboard.

In April 2021 Baba Richie busted the music stratosphere with his first album titled AYODO-OK.

Rendered in a combination of sonorous velvet voice with occasional infusion of screeching husky voice and back by heavy metal instrumentation, Baba Richie talks to the soul through AYADO OK.

The lyrics AYADO-OK states

“Don’t let anybody to tell you that  u’re not gonna make it. Just believe in yourself, put your faith in God everything is going to be fine -AYADO_OK”–BABA RICHIE SLEEM

Baba Richie is out again with another musical album titled HOW FAR? released at the eve of his birthday. The new album is a passionate song-prayer to God for blessing to satisfy his heart desires so that people will not ask him HOW FAR again.

I love the music philosophy of Baba Richie especially because it connects easily with my life story and that of millions of people in the world. The master track celebrate existentialism in art by telling an encouraging graphic story of the unshakable faith of a man who was once extremely poor but kept working so hard and believing that one day AYADO -OK (everything will be fine).  Through deep and enduring metaphysical anguish of both physical and emotional pains the man worked and progressed from a grinding poverty state of a crude climber and harvester of oil palm fruits, to a deep pocket business mogul.

Quite unlike AYADO-OK, the new album HOW FAR? Is a song and a prayer requesting for God visitation to turn his story around to shame mockers?

As Baba Richie Sleem celebrate his birthday today, I pray God to anoint his voice for the entire world to hear it and be blessed.


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