My Crushed Petal– By The Princess of Poetry Dopse Jere

Celebrating Existentialism in poetry

My Crushed Petal

By  Dopse Jere rehashed by Ufok Ibekwe

All I had was a petal

The cover of my treasured flower

All my life I watered and kept

For the Prince of my heart alone

My petal though a delicate cover it corked

And shielded my flower to my pleasure

I secured my treasured well daily with trembling

For the dignity of my womanhood my everything


Mama had paid her dues

Day and night, she toiled

Her sweat the flower she groomed

On my flower her hope she banked.

Leo, came as a helper

I termed him my moulder

For all he looked was a maker

A Potter of my flower

And a tender of my petal

Mama saw danger and warned me

She dreaded what she felt as a mother

For she saw my chemistry for Leo was rising

Brainless infatuation was my emotion

My Leo Mama had christened

A wolf in sheep clothe hidden

That will flee when he strikes

Were Mama’s words that kept banging


Suddenly the real Leo came knocking

When my hope had gone tipping

For Leo came reaping

My petal crushed on entry

My flower devoured amidst my weeping

My soul cried in anguish

My flower Leo had turned to crimson

And my womanhood the wolf had left in tatters

My dishonour now roams the street in rumours

I wish I had listened to my Mama.





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