The 10th National Assembly and Rep Unyime Idem’s Second Coming

A Truly Akwa Ibom Man That Is Development Driven

The story of Rep.Unyime Idem quality representation of Ukanafun Oruk Anam people in the National Assembly often remind me of the four carpenters in Zechariah 1:19-21.
In the bible narrative, God opened the eyes of prophet Zechariah to see four horns which represented evil entities that forced Israel and Judah into servitude. God also revealed four good carpenters to the prophet that He had sent to rescue the land.
The four good carpenters God sent on that rescue mission did a good job of restoring the dignity of Israel from servitude to both political freedom and economic boom.
Sometime in 2018 and somehow in a manner akin to the biblical four carpenters, Deacon Unyime Idem descended from the Olympian height as a successful billionaire business tycoon to sign up to the divine call to rescue his people from years of drudgery and political neglect. Due to his people’s interest mindset, the universe stepped aside to give way to Idem to embarking on his noble mission.
Despite arriving at the political scene at a bleak season when his people were firmly consigned to the back seat of the political bus, Idem did not rest on his oars upon his inauguration into the National Assembly as a first timer. He simply hit the ground running.
As a creative leader, he refused to bow to the economic impact of Covid-19. Rather he rode on the storm of that economic adversity to make the most impactful representation to his people since the history of Ukanafun, Oruk Anam federal constituency.
While his colleagues were busy grumbling over the impact of Covid-19 on their performance, Idem like the bald Eagle soared with the storm squeezing water from the rock to give democratic dividends to his people.
Within the past three years and eleven months, as a member of the House of representatives, Mr Idem has effectively revealed himself as a different kind of politician and leader who is development driven. He has successfully rubbished the common notion that the field of politics is dominated by fierce greedy jackass and hyenas by demonstrating that he is a good carpenter with the capacity to fix the ruins of the past and a mould a new and certain future for his people.
As a leader, Hon Idem’s sense of empathy often reminds me of the words of the 38th vice President of the United State, Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr who once said:
“It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy, and the handicapped.”
Now that Hon Idem has been re-elected to the House of Representatives for a second term, public expectations are even higher. They expect him to double his achievements.
He has sponsored:
•17 Bills,
• More than 16 motions
•40 life touching projects spread across the federal constituency.
•Empowered 1000 Constituents in 26 different skills in 2020
•Empowered 1500 Constituents in 26 different skills in 2021
He has put motion in place to empower 1500 in December 2022, while additional 1000 will be empowered in December 2023. There are several other projects to be executed in 2022 and 2023. Barely three years as a Federal Lawmaker, Rep. Idem’s record of service has shown capacity, competence, transparency and has demonstrated that government can indeed work depending on who is on the saddle.
Below is a detailed compilation of projects, bills, motions and other achievements of Deputy Chairman Communications Committee and member representing Ukanafun/Oruk Anam Federal Constituency.
Completed Projects/Programme
1.1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Vocational Skills Centre, Ukanafun LGA
2.1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Vocational Skills Centre, Oruk Anam LGA
3.1000-Seater Capacity State of the Art Agricultural Skills Acquisition Centre
4.Entrepreneurial Skills Centre, Ukanafun LGA
5.Digital Learning Centre with 40 Computer Sets and solar electricity at Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
6.Digital Learning Centre with 40 computer Sets and solar electricity at Afaha High School, Ikot Udombang, Ukanafun LGA;
7.Digital Learning Centre with 40 Computer Sets and solar electricity at Community Secondary School, Urua Ekpaenang, Ukanafun LGA;
8.Digital Learning Centre with 40 computer Sets, solar panel and 20KVA generator at Community Secondary School, Mbiakot Oruk Anam LGA;
9.Digital Learning Centre with 40 Computer Sets and solar electricity at Community Secondary School, Ikot Esenam, Oruk Anam LGA
10.Digital Learning Centre with 50 Computer Sets in Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Okpa Campus, Oruk Anam LGA
11.Two Nos Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
12.Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Government SecondarySchool, Ikot Oku Usung, Ukanafun LGA;
13.Six Classroom Block with VIP Toilet at Model Secondary School,Obio Okpa, Oruk Anam LGA.
14.Six Classrooms Block with VIP Toilet at Government Primary School, Ikot Otoiwuo, Ukanafun LGA
15.Two Classrooms Block with VIP Toilet at Urban High School Ikot Akpan Essien, Oruk Anam LGA
16.Six Classrooms Block with VIP Toilet at Migrant Farmers Primary School, Ikot Akpan Nsek Oruk Anam LGA
17.Six Classrooms Block with VIP Toilet at Methodist Primary School, Ikot Akpan Udo Oruk Anam LGA
18.300-Seater Capacity Six Classroom Lecture Hall in Akwa Ibom State University, Obio Okpa Campus, Oruk Anam LGA
19.Community Civic Centre, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
20.2 Bedroom Bungalow building for a Widow, Ukanafun LGA
21.Solar-powered Water Scheme, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
22.Solar-powered Water Scheme, Community High School, Usung Atiat, Ukanafun LGA;
23.Solar-powered Water Scheme, Ikot Udo Obobo, Ukanafun LGA;
24.Solar-powered Water Scheme, Okot Oku Usung, Ukanafun LGA;
25.Solar-powered Water Scheme, Obio Okpa, Oruk Anam LGA;
26.Akpan Assiek market road in Ukanafun,
27.2.8 km Ikot Akpa Nkuk-Nyak Iba-Usung Atiat-Ikot Akpa Idem-Ikot Udombang Road, Ukanafun LGA
28.1.4 km Barracks Road, Ikot Udo Obobo, Ukanafun LGA
29.Ikot Ukpongeren Bridge at Oruk Anam LGA
30.Rehabilitation of NIFOR Sub station and construction of access road in Oruk Anam LGA.
31.Hosted the maiden edition of Constituency Briefing/Townhall Meetingwith constituents – gave out 5-million-naira cash, 24 cows, 500 bags ofrice, and wrappers for 100 widows.
32.During the period of national lockdown occasioned by the corona viruspandemic, donated 600 bags of rice as palliatives to constituents, tocushion the effects of the lockdown.
33.Donated more than 50,000 text/note books, writing and other teachingmaterials to schools in the two local governments of Ukanafun and OrukAnam, to boost teaching and learning.
34.Donated medical equipment to hospitals.
35.Facilitated recruitment of 24 constituents into the Nigerian PoliceForce, other appointments into federal government agenciesandother blue-chip companies.
36.Entered into partnership with Government of Finland to establishan ICT hub and an Institute.
37.Sponsored and equipped 40 Constituents in Digital skills
38.Trained 5000 Youths in 26 life enhancing skills
39.Empowered 1000 Constituents in 26 different skills in 2020
40.Empowered 1500 Constituents in 26 different skills in 2021
1.The Free internet access in public places Bill 2020;
2.National Broadcasting Commission Act (amendment) Bill 2020;
3.National Community Service Scheme Bill 2020;
4.Entrepreneurship Education Bill 2020;
5.Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurship Development Agency Act (amendment) Bill 2020,
6.Free Education (Prohibition of Fees and Other Charges) Bill, 2020.
7.Federal College of Agriculture, Oruk Anam (Establishment) Bill, 2020;
8.Adult Education (Establishment) Bill, 2020
9.National Identity Management Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2020
10.National Open University (Amendment) Bill, 2020.
11.National Information Technology Development Agency Act Amendment Bill. 2021
12.Terrorism (Prevention) Act Amendment Bill 2021
13.Nigeria Police Act Amendment Bill 2021
14.Nigeria Communications Act Amendment Bill 2021
15. Donor Agencies Regulatory Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2021
16.Federal Character Commission Act (Amendment) Bill 2021
17.Federal Service Act (Amendment) Bill, 2021
1.Need for the Federal government to revamp the ailing Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm Research, NIFOR, located at Oruk Anam LGA,
2.the need for the federal government to construct the highway linking Abak Midim and Mkpat Enin LGA as well as the construction of Ikot Ukpong-Eren bridge in Oruk Anam that collapsed 40 years ago,
3.Need to investigate non-implementation of pay as you go (PAYG) tariff by DSTV and other broadcast satellite service providers in Nigeria,
4.the need for the federal government to increase security presence in federal roads during festive seasons,
5.urgent need for the Federal Government to appoint 37 Commissioners into Federal Character Commission,
6.the need for emergency national response to tackle the coronavirus pandemic presently ravaging the human race,
7.Urgent need to create immediate public awareness and preparedness to combat possible outbreak of Ebola virus and to take measures to avoid same
8. the need for the federal government to suspend the implementation of the 2.5 percent VAT increment and revert to the original 5 percent until January 1, 2021 in the interest of Nigerians during this period of covid-19 pandemic,
9.a call on the Federal Government to immediately set up Sex Offender and Gender Violation Special Court for speedy trial of the Perpetrators of the offence,
10.a call on the Federal Government to immediately establish and inaugurate the National Council on Public Procurement to strengthen the fight against corruption in the Public Sector
11.Non-Release of Traditional Take-Off Grant to University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and other Notable Federal Universities Across the Country after their Establishment.
12.A call for comprehensive investigation, prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of the kidnapping, sexual assault, physical assault and heinous killing of Miss Iniubong Umoren and the need to protect her family members
13.Urgent call on the Service chiefs and the Inspector General of Police to intensify efforts in the rescue of the abducted school children and staff of Government Secondary School, Kagara Niger State
14.Need for the Federal Government to establish Clay Processing Factory in Oruk Anam Local Government of Akwa Ibom State.
15.Need for the Federal Government to address Constitutional Infraction against Federal Character Principle in the appointment of Heads of MDAs
16.Need to clamp down on the activities of illegal refineries operators in the Niger Delta of the country
1.Deputy Chairman Communications Committee
2.Chairman Ad-hoc Committee to investigate non implementation of Pay as you go tariff by DSTV and other satellite broadcast service providers in Nigeria.
3.Chairman Ad-hoc Committee investigating unclaimed Federal Government Funds in Commercial Banks and infractions by the Central Bank of Nigeria
4.Member Conference Committee to harmonise Electoral Act Amendment Bill, 2022 representing South-South Region.
5.Member Ad-hoc committee that investigated the Bauchi State House of Assembly crisis,
6.Member Ad-hoc committee on water resources
7.Member Ad-hoc committee to investigate NDDC Interim Management Committee
8.Delegate to International Telecoms Conference that took place in Hungary
9.Member Committees on ICT, NDDC, Petroleum Resources (Upstream), Works, Nigeria Contents Development and Monitoring Board, Public Procurement, Banking and Currency, Civil Societies and Development Partners, SDGs, Customs and Excise.

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