THE HOPE : Ekpenyong Efx Ekpenyong & Ndiana-Abasi Nana Udom

The face of the near future and hope for our land

Don’t ever think and lose hope that Ukanafun will continue to occupy the back seat of progress as it seems  today. With young vibrant men such as Nana Udom and Engr Ekpenyong Ekpenyong, there is hope for the future.

I have watched the two gentlemen grew from boys to men. Their political lives which started like husky whispers a few years ago  have exploded into harmonious melodies.

Despite coming from well enabled family backgrounds, they opted to walk free from the family  heavy shadows and carved well polished niches  for themselves as professionals. What stands the two gentlemen out  above their compatriots in the realm of leadership is their love for Ukanafun and addiction for human capital development .

With the top notch performance of Rep Unyime Idem in the House of Representatives and the emerging tigers like Nana Udom and Engr. Ekpenyong there hope for our land.


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