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SCRIPTURE:  1Chronicle 12 v 32 “The sons of Issachar that understood the times and seasons, 200 of their leaders knew the best course for Israel to take”

MESSAGE: To everything in this life, there is a time and season for the them to manifest. Because of God’s omniscience nature, no activity or event happens in this world without His knowledge. He stays in eternity and controls time and seasons. God knows when a particular human talent, inventor, writer etc should be born into the world to serve a particular need or purpose for that generation and thereafter. In other words, there is God’s underlying Eternal Purpose in every time and season for people living in every era and the events that occur thereinBut the privilege or capacity to discern God’s eternal purpose for that particular time and season for our destiny benefit is what is often lacking. So how do you know the mind of God for a particular time and season in your life?

The book of 1 Chronicle12: 23-40 gives us a record of David’s great army which had assembled at Hebron during the civil war in Israel between King Saul and David.  The various tribes of the nation of Israel contributed mighty warriors numbering over 200,000 in all. Interestingly the tribe of Issachar contributed the smallest number of fighters. They contributed only 200 men, but they were people that had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do and the eternal purpose of God for that season.   The sons of Issachar understood that God had already handed over the kingdom of Israel to David-one who is better than Saul (1 Samuel16:28). They also understood that God had said in 2 Samuel 3:10 “I am going to take Saul’s Kingdom and give it to David. I will establish the throne of David over Israel as well as Judah”. Consequently, the sons of Issachar understood that the event of that time between King Saul and David was a settled contest requiring no physical might.

In life, man is always looking forward to what God is going to do, and looking backwards to what He has done but often misses what He is doing right now or about to do in a particular season. What season of life are you in right now? What opportunities are in front of you waiting to be seized? At what phase of life are you currently in and what should you be doing today to get to the next phase?

Failure to discern the time and seasons hinders us from descending the mind of God and fulfilling our destiny. Like the sons of Issachar that had understanding of the time and knew the will of God for that season, we must intimately connect with the Father to know his heart for every time and season in our life.

As 2021 approaches, I call on you to boldly approach the throne of grace in prayers, meditation and studying of God’s word to know the mind of God for your life in the coming year.

PRAYER: My father and my God I am helpless without you. As 2021 approaches, help me to have full understanding of the 2021 season and your eternal purpose for my destiny in the new year. Teach me to know, understand and pursue what is in store for me in 2021 for my destiny to flourish in Jesus name-Amen



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